Last check before leaving Leiden

Before leaving the Netherlands, remember that there are some arrangements you need to make. The following list is a helpful guide as to what should be done before you leave Leiden.

Things you should do before leaving Leiden:

  1. Deregister from the University at the Plexus Student Centre.
    Also see:
    -         registration & deregistration
    -         re-imbursement of tuition fee
  2. Pay the final month’s rent.
  3. Return your keys to get the deposit back for your housing.
  4. Return all your library books, cds, dvds, magazines etc. 
  5. Notify Student and Educational Affairs (your International Programmes Officer) of your leaving date and of your new correspondence address and email address after you have left Leiden.
  6. De-register at the Town Hall.
  7. Return the residence permit.
  8. Close your bank account.
    Bank charges will be continued, if you do not close your account.
  9. Set a date for your graduation or arrange for your transcript to be forwarded to your new address
    Read more about your:
    graduation ceremony (degree students)
    - transcripts (non-degree students). 
  10. Legalise your diploma or transcript if applicable
    - legalise your diploma or transcript  
  11. Settle/cancel any outstanding contracts or subscriptions (i.e. mobile phone.) otherwise they may be renewed automatically. Please check the conditions of your contract, because in some instances you are required to cancel 3 months before the contract is due to end. 
  12. Alumni of Leiden University should register at the Leiden alumni platform ‘LUF’ to be kept updated on activities for Leiden alumni.
    - Alumni Network 
  13. Mail if you would like to be active as an ambassador of Leiden back in your country or have pictures/videos/stories that you would like to share.

Last Modified: 16-09-2010