Graduation procedure Master

Have you nearly completed your Master and is graduation on your mind? Fill in your graduation form no later than on the last working day of the month preceding the date of the exam.

Before and after graduation

Information on continuing your studies, ending your enrolment, restitution of tuition fees, study grants ( studiefinanciering ) and the public transport pass ( ov jaarkaart ).

Student repository

Uploading your thesis to the student repository is part of the graduation procedure. Please note that you will have to upload the thesis yourself.

Ending Registration and Reimbursement of Tuition Fees

Once you have graduated, if you then cancel your registration, you can have part of your tuition fee reimbursed: for every month of the academic year that you are not registered as a student, you will receive a refund for one-twelfth of your tuition fee.

Legalisation of Dutch Diplomas

It may be necessary to prove the legal status of your diploma. If you would like to continue your studies outside the Netherlands, for instance, you will have to be able to provide a legalised educational document, namely your diploma or certificate, at the place of education abroad. You can have your diploma or certificate legalised by the DUO-IB Group.

Last check before leaving Leiden

Before leaving the Netherlands, remember that there are some arrangements you need to make. The following list is a helpful guide as to what should be done before you leave Leiden.