Below you can find information on the accommodation we offer. Please note that there are not so many rooms available on each venue, and therefore we can't guarantee that you will be sleeping in the house of your wish. Since we are still in the middle of negotiations, please also be aware that the current prices are an indication and may deviate slightly from the final prices once they are set.

Shared rooms

We offer a stay in shared rooms at the Webster University situated at the Galgewater in the city center of Leiden. The dormitory of Webster University offers two-person rooms. You will be sharing the room with one fellow participant of the Summer School. If you already know with whom you would like to share your room, please let us know upon your registration. Every room is furnished and has its own kitchen (including kitchenware), toilet and shower. The price of the shared room is € 420,- for the two weeks.

In addition to the rooms offered at Webster University, we offer shared rooms at the Hugo de Grootstraat in Leiden which is very close to the Summer School venue. These rooms are all furnished and have their own kitchen (including kitchenware), toilet and shower. The price is also € 420,- for the two weeks.

More information on the housing facilities:
- Webster (Galgewater 1)
- Hugo de Grootstraat 32

Single rooms

Single apartments are located at various locations in Leiden.
The price for a single room on all locations is the same: € 600,- for the two weeks.

Some single rooms are offered at the Webster university dormitory (see above for more information). They are furnished and have their own kitchen (including kitchenware), toilet and shower.

Other single rooms are offered in the Hugo de Grootstraat and the Hooigracht/Kloosterpoort/Middelstegracht in Leiden. These rooms are all completely furnished and have shared facilities.

More information on the housing facilities:
the Horizon House (Hugo de Grootstraat 32)
- Hooigracht/Kloosterpoort/Middelstegracht
- Webster (Galgewater 1)  

Rules for Renting

All prices include a set of sheets and the cleaning of the room after you have checked out. Towels and other equipment are not included. The rooms will be available from Sunday 9 July until Saturday 22 July.

Since we have to book each room separately, we have to be very strict regarding deadlines. Moreover, we need you to pay in advance. Thus, in order to guarantee a place in the dormitories, you must have registered and paid the rent for the room before Friday 19 May 2017. After this date we will not be able to guarantee a place in the dormitories for you, but of course you can always get in touch with us and we can see what we can arrange for you.

Find yourself a place to stay

If you are looking for another type of accommodation, you may be able to find a nice appartment via airbnb.