Evening Lectures

During the Summer School, a series of evening lectures will be held. These are open for everyone interested in the subject. All evening lectures are from 19.30 until 20.30.

In the Lipsius Building, room 3

Monday 10.7

George Starostin, “The Dene-Yeniseian Hypothesis: A Narrow Linguistic Bridge between the Old and the New World, a Piece of a Bigger Puzzle, or a Hopeless Fantasy?”

Tuesday 11.7

Thijs Porck, “Old English Words and Anglo-Saxon Worldviews: A Cultural Linguistic Approach to Early Medieval English Vocabulary”

Thursday 13.7

Maarten Kossmann, “Moroccan Indefinite Determiners in Dutch Discourse”

In the "Nieuwe Energie" (3e Binnenvestgracht 23, 2312 NR  Leiden)

Monday 17.7

Lucien van Beek, “Might and Splendor of Homeric Heroes: A New Linguistic Analysis of kûdos”  

Thursday 20.7

Jos Schaeken, “Voices on Birchbark. Language and Communication in Medieval Russia”