Timetables of Faculty of Humanities

Timetables for lectures and exams of the Bachelor and Master programmes.

The Bachelor timetable information in Dutch. A translation of commonly used terms can be found in the timetable vocabulary.

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Exchange students

Core curriculum

Timetables per Bachelor programme

Current timetable information

African Languages and cultures

Ancient Cultures of the Mediterranean World
Art History
Chinese Studies
Comparative Indo-European Linguistics
Dutch Language and Culture
Dutch Studies
English Language and Culture
Film and Literary Studies
French Language and Culture
German Language and Culture
Hebrew and Jewish Studies

History: BA

International Studies

Islamic Studies
Italian Language and Culture
Japanese Studies
Korean Studies
Latin American Studies (Spanish)
Middle Eastern Studies
Russian Studies
South and Southeast Asian Studies (Bachelor 1)
South and Southeast Asian Studies (Bachelor 2 and 3)
World Religions

Timetables per Master programme

Last Modified: 04-07-2017