Writing tips

Writing Tip #7: Structure of your paper

When writing an academic paper, it is always important to have a clear structure. This does not only help the reader to understand your arguments, it also helps you to create a more convincing paper.

Writing tip #6: How to convince your reader

When writing an academic paper, you need to convince your reader of the outcome of your research. This can be achieved by fulfilling certain academic criteria such as adding a literature review and a proper use of sources. But the argumentation in your paper is of essential importance as well.

Writing tip #5: don't try to write a perfect paper on your first try

Are you trying to write a perfect paper on your first attempt? That appears to be efficient, but in the end it usually is a waste of time. Writing and revision are separate processes; the first makes more use of the creative right brain hemisphere, while the latter appeals primarily to the critical left brain hemisphere.