The current assessor for the Faculty board of Humanities is Aurelie van 't Slot.

Aurelie van 't Slot

Aurelie van 't Slot

Aurelie van 't Slot is the current student representative in the Faculty Board (the so-called assessor). The assessor has a few other tasks besides taking care of the student's interests in the faculty board. She meets with other assessors (university wide, as well as nation wide) on a regular basis. She also meets regularly with the boards of the student associations. On the (Dutch) web page devoted to the assessor you can read more about these, and other activities.

The assessor can be found in office 305 of the Lipsius Building.
Telephone  071-527 2299 or 527 2318 (faculty office).  
Office hours: wednesday  11.00-12.00 hours.

You can follow the assessor on Twitter.

Last Modified: 04-12-2017