Why having a good personal homepage is so important

Nowadays, to be visible as a scientist has really become a matter of being visible to search engines. Google has to be able to find you. This webpage explains why this is so important, and how you can update your homepage such that it can easily be found.

Online visibility

One of the most important functions of the faculty website is to aim the spotlights on the scientific expertise that the Faculty of Humanities has to offer. The visibility of these areas of expertise is important for the university as a whole, among other things with respect to valorisation and positioning.

For individual reasearchers, visibility on the website is at least as important as for the faculty and the university. Being visible means that reporters, organisations and other reseachers who have questions about a certain topic will automatically be directed to the right expert. To this end it is of crucial importance that all scientists can easily be found via a search on their field of expertise.

To stress the importance of this channel: in 2013 a fifth of all page views on the faculty website concerned homepages of the academic staff.

Being visible to search engines

More often than not, personal pages of academic staff are found through Google searches instead of simply clicking through the website, starting at the homepage. In 2013, almost 70% of the traffic to these pages came through Google, as opposed to 60% in 2012. Next to searches in which names of people on the academic staff are entered in Google (“I know who I am looking for, but I need his address”), searches on areas of expertise are frequent (“I’m looking for an expert on …..”). Being visible as a scientist is gradually becoming a matter of your field of expertise being visible (and searchable) in search engines.

This webpage offers you some tips on how to improve your profile page such that it can more easily be found when searches are conducted using your field of expertise. Starting point for these tips is the way in which search enigines work, and their application is commonly known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Applying SEO principles to your homepage will mean that people looking for information on research topics that you work on will more easily find you.

Last Modified: 01-12-2015