What is the Leiden University Current Research Information System?

The Leiden University Faculty of Humanities uses LUCRIS to record all research activities and the resulting publications. This registration system is also used at other faculties and universities.

Researchers working at the Faculty of Humanities can regularly register their publications using the online interface Converis (the LUCRIS software). All researchers have to enter their publications in LUCRIS, as the system is used as a basis for annual reports, visitation committees, etc.

Secondly, researchers can add publications to the Leiden Repository using LUCRIS. The link allows researchers to submit their publications to the Leiden Respository without having to fill out all the data a second time.

The publications entered in LUCRIS will become visible on the publication tab of your personal web page. If you have uploaded a digital full text to the Leiden Repository through LUCRIS, the hyperlink to that entry will be placed on the publication tab as well.

Last Modified: 23-09-2013