Column by Rina Knoeff in Times Higher Education

Following the Leiden Declaration on Human Anatomy/Anatomical Collections, Rina Knoeff has published a column on the future of historical medical collections in Times Higher Education:

Rina Knoeff publishes entry in European History Online

The Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG) has included an entry by Rina Knoeff on Dutch Anatomy and Clinical Medicine in 17th-Century Europe. The entry can be found in the European History Online (EGO),

Kennislink article

Dutch science website Kennislink has published an article on Marieke Hendriksen's research project: 

University newspaper article on project Marieke Hendriksen

On 14 June, Mare, the Leiden University newspaper, published an article on Marieke Hendriksen's research project. The article (in Dutch) describes Hendriksen's findings about eighteenth-century Leiden anatomist B.S. Albinus' preparations and can be read on (page 7).

Leiden Declaration on Human Anatomy/Anatomical Collections

The Leiden Declaration on Human Anatomy / Anatomical Collections. It is the outcome of a recent conference in Leiden on the history of anatomical collections and results from the worries all the conference participants seemed to share concerning the fate of many anatomical collections worldwide. Without denying that in many institutions anatomical collections are well cared for, we are also aware of many collections kept in appalling circumstances: bone collections stored in sea containers, preparations kept inappropriately in un-acclimatized cellars and attics, wax preparations abandoned to attics where temperatures reach to over 50 degrees Celsius, insecure storage, pots not topped up, provenances lost.

Particularly in times of financial crisis and the strain this puts on academic funding for staff time to sustain the conservation, adequate storage and good preservation of collections, it is important to reinforce oversight of our academic and anatomical heritage. The Leiden Declaration addresses the great importance of good custodianship of anatomical collections. It is our sincere hope that it will help initiate discussion and actions concerning the care of this important part of our international academic and medical heritage.

Marieke Hendriksen on Bessensap radio

On 4 June 2012, Marieke Hendriksen presented her research to journalists at Bessensap, NWO's (the Dutch research council) yearly press-meets-researchers event. She was awarded 9 out of 10 points by a jury of science journalists, winning her an interview with Dutch science radio programme Hoe?Zo!. You can listen to the interview via this link:

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