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We are happy to announce that Professor Kofi Anyidoho (University of Ghana, Accra), poet, literary scholar, and cultural activist, will speak on THE ORAL HERITAGE IN AFRICAN LITERATURE : EXAMPLES FROM EWE & OTHER TRADITIONS 15th October 15:15 17:00  at  LIPSIUS/147, Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University  

Kofi Anyidoho is Professor of Literature and Director of the CODESRIA African Humanities Institute Program at University of Ghana, where he has also served as 1st occupant of the Kwame Nkrumah Chair in African Studies, Director of the School of Performing Arts and Head of the Department of English. He has been a distinguished visiting professor, guest lecturer and external examiner at various universities across the world. Outside the university, he is deeply involved in various initiatives designed to promote African culture and history, among them Ghana Television's African Heritage Series, for which he was host and executive producer. Well-known for his unique style of performance-poetry and CD recordings of his poetry, he has lectured and performed his poetry globally. Anyidoho has published numerous journal articles and book chapters and has edited a number of major books on African literature and the humanities. He was President of the US-based African Literature Association [1998-99] and has served on various boards, including the Executive Committee of CODESRIA-Dakar, the National Commission on Culture, and the University of Ghana Council. He is currently a member of the Sponsoring Committee for UNESCO’s special initiative Tagore-Neruda-Cesaire for a Reconciled Universal, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Film &Television Institute and Chairman of the founding Council for the new University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho. He is a Fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences. Anyidoho holds B.A. English & Linguistics (University of Ghana), M.A. Folklore (Indiana University-Bloomington), PhD Comparative Literature (Univ. of Texas-Austin).  


The Department of African Languages and Cultures expresses thanks to Prof. Mineke Schipper for offering a good part of her personal collection of African novels and allowing students to get easy access to such texts.

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