Network Meeting Verba Africana

Giorgio Banti and Daniela Merolla presented the series Verba Africana and the possible further cooperation between Leiden Universities, the University of Naples, L'Orientale, and other academic institution within (and outside) the network. As in the case of Synchrotext,  the project Verba Africanaseries is an answer to the increasing need of new electronic tools that can integrate written and audio-visual materials for the teaching and learning of African oral languages and oral literature. Verba Africanaseries aims at producing DVD’s for video documentation, research and e-learning of African languages and oral literatures.

The participants appreciated the flexibility of the series as a model to be 'remediated' and exported in their own projects. The discussion stimulated to explain the meaning of 'African oral literatures' as inclusive of all contemporary forms of oral perfomances, whether 'classic' or renewed/modified forms because of the different contexts (concerts, tourist performances etc). However, the context of production and recitation should be explicit as well as the participation/role of the researchers in it.

Last Modified: 21-01-2009