Interesting links

The World Oral Literature Project
The World Oral Literature Project (Cambridge university, GB) has been established to support local communities and committed fieldworkers engaged in the collection and preservation of oral literature by providing funding for original research, alongside training in fieldwork and digital archiving methods. Director: Mark Turin.

International Society for the Oral Literatures of Africa (ISOLA)
ISOLA is an association of scholars from all over the world who are interested in exploring the rich oral traditions of Africa and the African Diaspora from as many disciplinary perspectives as possible. The eighth conference will take place in Mombasa, Kenya (2010).

Anansi Masters
The Anansi Masters projectis a digital platform where you can find information and stories about the Anansi. For centuries the stories of the spider Anansi have traveled from West Africa to the Caribbean and America, and even to Europe. By building a database with video registrations the project shows the similarities but also the differences between the stories, storytellers and their public from different continents of the world.

Last Modified: 29-09-2009