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17 april Symposium on New Forms of Sacrality in the Netherlands

On April 17, the Leiden Institute for Religious Studies organises the symposium New Forms of Sacrality in the Netherlands. As speakers we have invited two young scholars who are both researching new and unconventional spiritual practices within the Dutch religious field. The symposium takes place at Lipsius 005 from 19.30-22.00. Free Entrance  

17 maart 2014 Lecture by Bryan Roby - We Too Shall Overcome: Mizrahi Political Thought and the Ethnic Struggle in Israel 1948 – 1966

The talk will examine the political thought of left-leaning Middle Eastern Jewish (or Mizrahi) intellectuals in the 1950s and 1960s. Underlying the examination is the contention that there is a serious need to revisit perhaps reconstruct the historical understanding of early Mizrahi political thought in Israel. The lecture starts at 15.00 in Matthias de Vrieshof, room 1/001