PhD Programme

Information about the PhD programme of the Leiden Institute for Philosophy.

The PhD programme of the Institute for Philosophy is embedded in the Graduate School of Humanities. The Institute for Philosophy is an active research unit with a strong international reputation. It provides a stimulating environment for post-graduate research in the field of philosophy.

The PhD Degree is the highest degree awarded in the Netherlands. PhD candidates carry out a programme of independent research and additional course work, culminating in production of a PhD thesis within four years.

Philosophy PhD Programme

The Philosophy PhD programme is divided into two groups, which correspond with the two research clusters of the Institute for Philosophy:

  1. Philosophy and History of the Sciences and Humanities

  2. Normativity and its Sources: Agency, Interaction and Conflict in a Globalizing World

For more information about supervisors and the subject matters of these programmes, see the website Research clusters. For a description of the structure of the PhD curriculum, including teaching, courses and other training, please see the information under Training and Supervision

Last Modified: 09-12-2015