Days of Judgement

From Friday, 25 September 2009 through Sunday, 27 September 2009, the Institute for Philosophy at Leiden University organizes a conference on the theme of "Days of Judgement".

The notion of judgement brings back to logic and philosophy the notion of judging agent. This focus on the agent is not to be understood in a purely subjective sense, because the agent is entitled to judge only if he has grounds for his judgement. Recently, the notion of assertion, the linguistic counterpart to the notion of judgement, has come into focus. The aim of the workshop is to bring together different perspectives on the notion of judgement from the history of philosophy that have some relevance for a theory of assertion and judgement today.

If you would like to attend one or more of the sessions, please contact Maria van der Schaar:


Venue: Lipsius (Cleveringaplaats 1), room 148

FRIDAY, 25th of September

Judgement and Reason: History and Philosophy

9.30-10.30  Per Martin-Löf, Stockholm
Justifications of Judgements as Chains of Immediate Evidences

10.45-11.30   Göran Sundholm, Leiden
Self-evident Containment and Analytic Variation: Two Strands in the Development of Logic from Aristotle to Quine

11.30-12.15                Norma B. Goethe, Cordoba/Arg.
                                  Judgement and Reason: from Leibniz to Frege

12.15-13.00               Catarina Dutilh Novaes, Amsterdam UvA
Judgements, Contents and their Representations


Antiquity and Early Modern Philosophy

14.30-15.15                 Frans de Haas, Leiden
The Harmonics of Judgement: Aristotle's Logic and Applied Mathematics

15.15-16.00              Jan van Ophuijsen, Utrecht
Utrecht, Stoic Assent and Assertibles

16.15-17.00                   Elodie Cassan, Tours
Descartes' Theory of Judgement: Warranted Assertions, the Key to Science
17.00-18.00                 Michael Della Rocca, Yale
Spinoza: Conatus and Mental Force

SATURDAY, 26th of September


9.15-10.00 Johan Blok, Groningen
Kant's Dissertation and Wolff's Formal Aspects of Judgements

10.00-10.45                    Wim de Jong, Amsterdam VU
Kant on Judgement and Formality

11.00-11.45 Jessica Leech, Geneva
                               Kant and Modal Judgement

11.45-12.45 Michiel van Lambalgen & Dora Achourioti, Amsterdam UvA
Kant and Logical Theory: the Completeness of the Table of Judgements


Bolzano, Neo-Kantianism and Dewey

15.00-15.45                                 Stefan Roski, Amsterdam VU
Judgements, Concepts and Conceptual Truth in Bolzano

15.45-16.30                          Mark Siebel, Oldenburg
Bolzano's Theory of Judgement

17.00-17.45                         Arnaud Dewalque, Liege
Windelband on Anerkennung: an Early Appropriation of Brentano's Idiogenetic Theory of Judgement

SUNDAY, 27th of September

Trendelenburg, Husserl and Frege

9.15-10.00                      Carlo Ierna, Louvain
Existential and Categorial Judgements: from Trendelenburg to Russell

10.00-10.45          Robin Rollinger, Salzburg
Immanent and Real States of Affairs in Husserl's Early Theory of Judgement

11.00-12.45                Jeremy Kelly, Florida Southern College
                                  Frege and Russell on Assertion


13.30-14.15                     Leila Haaparanta, Tampere
Judging and the Veridical Use of ´is´: Remarks on the Later Frege

14.15-15.00  Mark Textor, King´s College London
                               Judgement as Acknowledging the Truth of a Thought

15.15-16.15 Wolfgang Künne, Hamburg
Frege on Anerkennung

With thanks to Prof. dr. E.P. Bos and LUF (Leids Universiteits Fonds).

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