Medieval and Early Modern Studies: Literature, Art and Learning (750 - 1700)

Research Programme of the Medieval and Early Modern Studies


Objectives and research area 'Medieval and Early Modern Studies'


In the research programme of this cluster c. 55 full professors, readers, lecturers, postdocs and PhD students participate, from ten departments:

Art History
Drs. N.L. Bartelings
L.M. Bleijenberg, MA
S.P.M. Bussels, PhD 
M.J.F. Delbeke, PhD
Professor C.A. van Eck
E. Grasman, PhD
E.J. Goudriaan, MA 
E. den Hartog, PhD
W.L. Jansen, MA
Professor (em.) H.L. Janssen 
S.D. de Jong, PhD
M. Keblusek, PhD
F.J.L.C. Knegtel, MA 
B. van Oostveld, PhD
L.M. Plezier, MA
J.G. Roding, PhD (also Modern and Contemporary Studies)
Professor G.J. van der Sman 
Book and Digital Media Studies
F. Egmond, PhD (postdoc)
Professor P.G. Hoftijzer (also English Language and Culture)
N.C. Venderbosch, PhD
Drs. S.M.W. van Zanen 
Classical Languages and Cultures and Neo-Latin
S.T.M. de Beer, PhD
M.H.K. Jansen, PhD-student

Dutch Language and Culture
Professor W. van Anrooij
Y.A.A. van Damme, MA
A. Dlabacova, PhD
O. van Marion, PhD
W.F. Scheepsma, PhD
Drs. C.B. van 't Veer
G. Warnar, PhD
M.N.A. Wijngaards, MA 

Dutch Studies
M.E.W. Boers-Goosens, PhD

English Language and Culture
N.N.W. Akkerman, PhD
Professor R.H. Bremmer
J.F. van Dijkhuizen, PhD (postdoc)
Professor P.G. Hoftijzer (also Book and Digital Media Studies)
F. Kwakkel, PhD
M.H. Porck, PhD-student
S.G. van Romburgh, PhD (postdoc)
L.J. Stelling, PhD 

French Language and Culture
M.E. Rikken, PhD-student
Professor P.J. Smith
M.M.G. van Strien-Chardonneau, PhD
J.C. Szirmai, PhD  

German Language and Culture

J. Müller, PhD

Italian Language and Culture
P.A.W. van Heck, PhD
M.J.J.P. Heijkant, PhD

Joint research

LUCAS or individual members work in conjunction with other researchers at Leiden and with research-partners outside Leiden, both nationally and internationally. Apart from the numerous partnerships with colleagues in the Netherlands, the following institutes are involved:

Leiden researchers not connected with the LUCAS

  • The historians of the Study Group 'The dynamics of identity in Europe 1300-1700' (History Department).
  • Arabists (Centre for Non-Western Studies)
  • Philosophers (Faculty of Philosophy) 

Leiden Study Groups

  • Study Group Book and Digital Media Studies (contact: Professor P.G. Hoftijzer)
  • Study Group Convention and Originality (contact: J.M.M. Houppermans, PhD)
  • Study Group Holland 1300-1500 (contact: R. Stein, PhD, History Department)
  • Study Group Nachleben of Antiquity (contact: Professor K.A.E. Enenkel)

Leiden collections and institutions

  • Bibliotheca Neerlandica Manuscripta (University library). More information
  • Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren (DBNL) (Digital Library of Dutch Literature). More information
  • Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie (INL) (Institute for Dutch Lexicology);
  • Leiden Museums (Thysiana Group)
  • Scaliger Institute. More information



  • Antwerp, Arcobaleno Foundation (Falkenburg)
  • Atlanta, Emory University, 'Von Gottesfreund zu Kunstfreund' (Falkenburg, Scheepsma, Warnar)
  • Antwerp, Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten (Royal Museum of Fine Arts) (Falkenburg)
  • Blacksburg, Virginia, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Jörg)
  • Bologna, University, 'Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Giosuè Carducci' (Van Heck)
  • Cape Town (South Africa), University, Department of Archaeology (Jörg)
  • Dresden (Kupferstichkabinett) (Falkenburg)
  • Franche-Comté, University, Research Group 'Anglo-Norman Bibles' (Szirmai)
  • Freiburg, University (Warnar / NWO - Internationalization)
  • Fukuoka (Japan), Kyushu Sangyo University, Department of International Cultural Sciences (Jörg)
  • Hillerød, Denmark, The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle (Noldus, Roding), Exhibition Pieter Isaacsz (1568-1629) Artist, Art Dealer, Spy (August-November 2007)
  • Copenhagen, Royal Library (Van Romburgh)
  • Louvain, Catholic University/University of Utrecht: 'The Low Countries at the Crossroads. Netherlandish Architecture as an Export Product in Early Modern Europe, 1480-1680' (Roding)
  • Madrid, Prado (Falkenburg) exhibition
  • Palermo, University (Bremmer / NWO - Internationalization)
  • Torino, University (Van Heck)
  • Washington, National Gallery (Falkenburg) exhibition
  • Consortium 'Research and Conservation at the Monasteries of the Sohag Region'(Innemee); More information
  • Wall paintings of Deir al-Surian (Innemee)
  • York University, University of Ghent, Scuola Normale Pisa, 'Prehistories of the Sublime' (Van Eck / NWO - Internationalization)
  • University of Ghent, Dept. of Architecture and Urban Development, 'Inauguration rituals as constructions of meaning in the Low Countries 1600-1700' (Delbeke and Van Eck, FWO and BOF)
  • Oslo University, Dept. of Architecture (Van Eck)
  • University of Ghent, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Dept. of History of Art (Van Eck)

Serial Publications

A number of LUICD-researchers are involved in serial publications started at Leiden:

  • Bert van Selm-lezing: Editors: professor W van Anrooij, B.P.M. Dongelmans (Phd) (Leiden, Stichting Neerlandistiek)
  • Intersections: Yearbook for Early Modern Studies (Leiden, Brill) Editors: Professor K.A.E. Enenkel (Editor-in-chief), Professor W. van Anrooij, Professor P. Smith, Professor R. Todd a.o.
  • Dutch  Literature and Culture in the Middle Ages (Amsterdam, Prometheus)General editors: Professor F.P. van Oostrom (University of Utrecht) and Professor W. van Anrooij
  • Proteus. Studies in Early Modern Self and Identity Formation (Turnhout, Brepols)General editors: Professor K.A.E. Enenkel, Professor R.F. Falkenburg, Professor M.A. Meadow (Founded in 2005)
  • Zeven Provinciën Reeks (Hilversum, Verloren) General editor: S.G. van Romburgh, PhD

The Sir Thomas Browne Institute, affiliated in the LUICD, has included its numerous publications (since 1990) in Brill's Studies in Intellectual History and Brill's Studies in Intellectual History. New Series.

A number of LUICD-researchers are also involved in international serial publications:

  • The Classical Tradition in Architecture (London, Routledge). General editor Professor C.A. van Eck

Text-edition projects

A number of LUICD-researchers are involved in long-term large-scale text-edition projects:

  • Middeleeuwse verzamelhandschriften uit de Nederlanden (Medieval Composite Manuscripts from the Netherlands) (Professor W. van Anrooij); More information
  • Erasmus, Opera omnia (Professor K.A.E. Enenkel). More information
  • The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne (Professor R. Todd). More information
  • Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile (Professor R.H. Bremmer) More information


A number of LUICD-researchers are involved in research-related websites:

  • Ceneton, Census Nederlands Toneel (Dutch Theatre) (editor: A.J.E. Harmsen, PhD) More information
  • De Heinsius Collectie (Heinsius Collection) (editor: A.J.E. Harmsen, PhD). More information
  • Book Sales Catalogues of the Dutch Republic 1599-1800 (Leiden, IDC/Brill; Professor M. Keblusek). More information
  • Bonas. Bibliographies and Lists of the Work of Dutch Architects and Urban Planners 1780-Present (J.G. Roding, PhD)
  • Carolus Clusius Correspondence Database (F. Egmond; PhD, E. van Gelder; PhD-student; S.M.W. van Zanen, PhD student). More information

A large number of the LUICD-researchers are members of the editorial board of:

  • De Bello Belgico (webmaster: A. van der Lem, PhD/UB Leiden). More information
  • Erasmus Birthday Lecture: Every year the LUICD supplies facilities and support to the Erasmus Birthday Lecture organized by the Erasmus of Rotterdam Society. Since the foundation of the LUICD (named 'Pallas' until 2009), the lectures were given by: Jeanine De Landtsheer (Catholic University of Louvain, 2001), Chris L. Heesakkers (emeritus, Universities of Amsterdam and Leiden, 2002), Mark Vessey (University of British Columbia, 2003), Marc van de Poel (Radbout University, 2004), M.L. van Poll-van de Lisdonk (editorial board secretary for the publication of Erasmus' Opera omnia, 2005) and Karl Enenkel (University of Leiden, 2006).

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