Communications Department

The communications department of the Faculty of Humanities is responsible for creating and managing the flow of  information concerning the faculty and its departments.

The primary responsibilities of the communications department are:

  • Providing information for prospective students in the form of brochures and other printed and digitalized materials
  • Advising and supporting the various departments regarding student recruitment activities
  • Maintaining the faculty websites.
  • Advertising and press releases
  • Internal communication

The staff of the communications department can assist you in all matters relating to student recruitment, public relations, and internal communication. The webcommunication editors are responsible for all matters concerning the faculty websites and can advise and assist you with regard to the organisation and maintenance of your departmental, institutional, or research programme’s website.


Ms. G.M. Kuggeleijn, MA, Head of the Department
Office 205b
phone: +31 (0)71 527 2728 (Tuesday to Friday)

Ms. J.C.J. Zweijtzer MA, Target Group Specialist, MA Programmes
Office 205b
phone: +31 (0)71 527 2742 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

Ms. S. de Jong, MA, Target Group Specialist, BA Programmes
Office 205b
phone: +31 (0)71 527 2728 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning)

Ms. M.T. Oe, MAMarketing Adviser, BA and MA Programmes 
Office 202
phone: +31 (0)71 527 2781 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

Dr. R.W.N. GoedemansSpecialist online communication
Office 202
phone: +31 (0)71 527 2325 (Tuesday, Wednesday morning and Thursday)

M.J. Pot, MA, Editor online
Office 202
phone: +31 (0)71 527 2685 (Monday to Friday)

Ms. M. Aarts, MAAdviser Internal Communications 
Office 206d
phone: +31 (0)71 527 5888 (Monday to Friday)

Ms. A.A. Hartman-Koopman, MA, Marketing Adviser
Office 205b
phone: +31 (0)71 527 5642 (Monday and Tuesday at Campus The Hague, Thursday and Friday morning at Leiden)

M. Spaans, Editor online
Office 206b
phone: +31 (0)71 527 1765 (Monday to Friday)

Visiting Address

Cleveringaplaats 1
Lipsiusbuilding (2nd floor)
2311 BD Leiden

Mailing Address

Postbus 9515
2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands



Webcommunications e-mail

Last Modified: 10-12-2014