Communications Department

The communications department of the Faculty of Humanities is responsible for creating and managing the flow of information concerning the faculty and its departments.

Teaching and student affairs

Teaching and Student Affairs (TSA) provides support for students and teaching staff. TSA combines several services: the Student Information Desk, facilities such as Career Service and the international coordinator, the study coordinators and the teaching administration. Contact:

Faculty Council

The Council has an important advisory role, for instance, in matters relating to the reorganisation of the Faculty or the plans for structural collaboration with partners outside the Faculty.

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board consists of the Dean, the Director of Education, the Faculty Manager and a student representative. The Board is responsible for the general management of the Faculty, as well as the administration and organization of the Faculty's teaching and research.

Information and Facility Management

The department of Information and Facility Management (IFZ) administrates the faculty network, offers IT services to all courses, research schools and other units within the faculty. It also arranges office space (facilities) for new and moving employees.