Tilburg University

Please find below an overview of researchers affiliated to Tilburg University.

Prof.dr. H.L. (Herman) Beck

Expertise: Islam in the Netherlands, Morocco and Indonesia; Muslim Christian dialogue; religious fundamentalism; religious pluralism and identity

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C.S. (Claudia) Lemos de Carvalho, MA (PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: The Ritualization of Religious Violence: Jihad and Islamic Terrorism

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Dr. H.J.M.J (Harm) Goris

Expertise: Thomas Aquinas; medieval philosophy; history of Muslims; religious fundamentalism; theological debates between Muslims and Christians; interreligious dialogue

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Dr. A.C.J. (Jan Jaap) de Ruiter

Expertise: Arabic language and culture; Islam in Western Europe; multilingualism

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O. (Omar) Salah, LLM (PhD candidate)

Expertise: corporate finance; international finance; Islamic finance; insolvency law

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Prof.dr. W.A.R. (Wasif) Shadid

Expertise: migrants; minorities; bilingualism and multilingualism; islam; intercultural communication


Sunarwoto MA (NISIS PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: Da‘wa Radio: Making Muslim Public Sphere and Religious Authority in Indonesian Islam

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Dr. J.M.M.G.F. Van Wiele

Expertise: Christianity and Islam in contemporary Western society; intercultural dialogue/communication; cultural diversity; history of Islam in the Netherlands after 1945

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