University of Groningen

Please find below an overview of researchers affiliated to the University of Groningen.

F. (Fatima) Ballah (PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: Riffian Women’s Narrative Claims to Full Citizenship.

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A. (Anand) Blank (PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: Virtues in the Islamic religion as viewed by Dutch imams.

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Dr. A.S.H.G. (Anne-Sylvie) Boisliveau

Expertise: Koran; hadith; Islamic dogmas; quranic studies; tafsir; Islamic thought.

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Dr. M.W. (Marjo) Buitelaar

Expertise: gender in cultural practice; Morocco; Muslim women; Islam in daily life; Muslims in Europe; Life story research.

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Drs. E.Y. (Eelko) Hooijmaaijers

Expertise: social history of the region; social policy; Middle East; politics; conflicts and religion (Islam); Turkey.

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I. (iis) Istiqomah (PhD candidate)

Subject PhD project: the interplay between ethnicity and religion in the construction of identity and in the social integration of the present-day descendants of the Hadrami Arab migrants of Ambon.

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Prof.dr. F. (Fred) Leemhuis (emeritus)

Expertise: Islam; Koran.

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Dr. P.G.T. (Pieter) Nanninga

Expertise: Middle Eastern politics, culture and religion; Muslim fundamentalism; islamism; jihadism; Media in the Middle East; Social Movement theory.

University webpage F.T. (Fokko) Oldenhuis

Expertise: religion and law: in particular on the verge of religious communion and private law; freedom of religion; church and state.

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S. (Simon) Polinder (PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: A critical evaluation of the role of religion in theories of International Relations.

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F.J. (Femke) Stock (PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: Making a home: Identity and belonging for second-generation Turkish and Moroccan migrants.

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