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Please find below an overview of researchers affiliated to Radboud University.




Drs. D. (Deniz) Batum (PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: Debating the headscarf: University students in Turkey and the Turkish Diaspora in The Netherlands.

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Dr. N.A. (Nicolet) Boekhoff-van der Voort

Expertise: between history and legend: the biography of Muhammad by Ibn Shihabal-Zuhri (d. 124/742)

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Dr. G.J.A. (Gert) Borg

Expertise: classical Arabic poetry

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Drs. A.C.F. (Annemarie) van Geel (NISIS PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: Women-Only Public Spaces on the Arabian Peninsula: Comparing Discourses on Gender, Islam, and Modernity in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

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Drs. J. (Jan) Hoogland

Expertise: Marokko

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Prof.dr. W.H.M. (Willy) Jansen

Expertise: development of gender-identity in different cultures ; Single women; Girls' educatio; Ritual and symbolic identity constructions; Anthropology; Islam; Jordan

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Drs. W.J.M. (Lieke) de Jong

Expertise: Arabic

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Dr. M.J.M. (Martijn) de Koning

Expertise: young Moroccans; Islam; Muslims; mosques; anthropology; identity; ethnicity; salafism 

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Dr. R. (Roel) Meijer

Expertise:  Salafism; political Islam; Saudi Arabia; radicalization

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Dr. C. (Karin) van Nieuwkerk

Expertise: women in Islam; conversion in the West ; Moroccan immigrant women; Islam and performing arts in Middle East and Europe

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Drs. S. (Sahar) Noor (PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: gender roles and piety ideals of Muslim women: the emergence of an informal female religious discourse in the Netherlands and Belgium

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Drs. R. (Rahil) Roodsaz (PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: Sexuality among the Iranian Dutch This project explores how sexuality at the cultural level is constructed among the Iranian Dutch and how this relates to their collective identity, in view of an Islamic background.

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Dr. I.D.A. (Iris) Sportel

Expertise: Transnational divorce in Dutch-Moroccan and Dutch-Egyptian families

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A. (Anneke) Schulenberg, MA (PhD candidate)

Title PhD project:  Ethnicity, religion and gender in the art of Middle-Eastern artists in diaspora: representations of identity in the work of Ghada Amer, Mona Hatoum, Shirin Neshat and Shahzia Sikander

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Prof.dr. H.G.B. (Herman) Teule

Expertise: minorities; migration; integration; Middle Eastern Christianity: Iraq - Syria - Lebanon - Turkey

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Drs. Y. (Yolanda) van Tilborgh (PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: Islam and the performing arts in the Middle East and Europe: from cultural heritage to cultural citizenship

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Prof.dr. J.A. (Johannes) van der Ven

Expertise: Islam; Christianity; Human Rights; Multicultural Society; Secularisation; South-Africa

Prof.dr. C.H.M. (Kees) Versteegh

Expertise: Arabic language and culture; development of Arabic grammatical thought

Dr. J. (Joas) Wagemakers

Expertise: terrorism; political violence; Jihadi-Salafi; Fatah; Hamas; Islamism; Israeli–Palestinian conflict

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