Erasmus University Rotterdam

Please find below an overview of researchers affiliated to Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Drs. I. (Ibtissam) Abaâziz (PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: Islamic identification in Dutch pluralistic society.

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Prof.dr. D. (Dick) Douwes

Expertise: history of the Middle East; Ottoman history in Syria; religious plurality in the Middle East; Muslims in Western Europe

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M. (Maryse) Kruithof, MA (NISIS PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: Missionary Encounters with Islam and the failed conversion of Java, 1850-1920

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Z. (Zihni) Özdil, MA (PhD candidate)

Title PhD project: Secularization and religious diversity within islam during the First Turkish Republic (1923-1960). State-building and minorities in modern Turkey with a specific focus on Alevi.

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Dr. A.K. (Ahmed) al-Rawi

Expertise: Islam and social media

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Dr. N.Y.T. (Nahda) Shehada

Expertise: Gender, culture & development; sociology of law; anthropology of Islamic law; family law in Muslim countries (e.g. Palestine) 

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Dr. K. (Karin) Willemse

Expertise: relationship between religion, ethnicity, gender, youth and citizenship; revival of sufism in Khartoum; the construction of Muslim identities in South Africa

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