NISIS PhD candidate at the School of Humanities, Tilburg University. Research Project: Da'wa Radio: Making Muslim Public Sphere and Religious Authority in Indonesian Islam. Keywords: Da'wa radio - Muslim public sphere - Religious authority - Indonesian Islam.

Da'wa Radio: Making Muslim Public Sphere and Religious Authority in Indonesian Islam

This research project is about da'wa (Islamic propagation) radio in Indonesia and their roles in making Muslim public sphere and producing religious authority. It will explore the emergence of da'wa radio, its social, economic, cultural and political contexts, and its role in Indonesia’s Muslim society. It will also analyse media production and media reception within a specific background of the ecology of communication in Indonesia. It will examine a complex relation between the radio and the reception of its listeners, including power relations, religious authority, and mediated Islamic identities. This is a study of the relationship between religion and media. The data are gathered both from bibliographical and field research. This project is supervised by Prof. Herman L. Beck and Prof. Jan Blommaert of Tilburg University.


Sunarwoto (1975) earned his BA in Quranic exegesis and Muhammadan tradition from Faculty of Usuluddin, IAIN (State Institute for Islamic Studies) Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. He completed his MA in Islamic studies at Faculty of Arts at Leiden University, within the framework of TIYL (Training Indonesia’s Young Leaders) in 2008. His main academic interest includes Quranic studies, history (esp. of Indonesian Islam), anthropology of Islam, political Islam, and religion and media.

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