Mehmet Sahin

NISIS PhD candidate at VU University Amsterdam. Research project: The Golden Generation: Islam, Inspiration, Ethical Techniques of Binding within the Gülen Movement. Keywords: Islam - Ethical techniques and self-discipline - Islam in European context - Islam in Turkish and Kurdish context.

The Golden Generation: Islam, Inspiration, Ethical Techniques of Binding within the Gülen Movement

The aim of this study is to explore the development of a new type of Muslim subjectivity within the Gülen movement. The proposed research aims to investigate the various techniques of disciplining a generation of committed young men and women who combine a strict adherence to Muslim identity and morality with the realities of everyday life and an active engagement in public activities in secular society. The research addresses the relation between the formation of a new type of Muslim subject and 'Gülen Theology/Doctrine'. The mobilizing and disciplining of its members, the formation of a new type of Muslim, and the methods and techniques that are put into practice for this purpose will be exposed.


In 1993 Mehmet Sahin came to the Netherlands where he started studying Social Geography and Planning at the University of Amsterdam. After completing his study, Sahin briefly worked as a housing policy officer at Portaal and Rochdale. Then he worked as a researcher at the Department of Religious Studies and Theology at Utrecht University. In 2009, Sahin, together with Martin van Bruinessen, got involved in a parliamentary investigation of the Fethullah Gülen movement in the Netherlands. Together with Van Bruinessen he independently investigated the Gülen movement at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, focusing on the internal organization of the movement. Currently, Sahin is working on a dissertation about the self-discipline of the followers in the Dutch branch of the Gülen movement at VU University Amsterdam. His supervisors are Prof. Thijl Sunier and Prof. Martin van Bruinessen.

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