NISIS PhD candidates

Mònica Colominas Aparicio

NISIS PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam. Research project: Mudejars and the Politics of Identity: Authority, Loyalty and Religious Polemics in Late-Medieval Iberia. Keywords: Mudejars - Jews - Identity politics - Religious polemics - Late medieval Iberian Peninsula.

Pieter Coppens

NISIS PhD candidate at the Faculty of Religious Studies and Theology, Utrecht University. Research project: Crossing Boundaries: Encounters with God and the Otherworld in Mystical Commentaries on the Qurʾān. Keywords: Qurʾān exegesis - Eschatology - Sufism.

Annemarie van Geel

NISIS PhD candidate at the Faculty of Religious Studies, Radboud University. Research project: Women-Only Public Spaces on the Arabian Peninsula: Comparing Discourses on Gender, Islam, and Modernity in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Keywords: Gulf region - Gender - Islam - Modernity - Female public spaces.


NISIS PhD candidate at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Groningen. Research project: The Hadrami Arabs of Ambon: An Ethnographic Study of Diasporic Identity Construction in Everyday Life Practices. Keywords: Hadrami Arabs - Ambon - Indonesia.

Ammeke Kateman

NISIS PhD candidate at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam. Research Project: Defining Islam as a Modern Religion. Muħammad 'Abduh (1849-1905) and His Interlocutors. Keywords: Muḥammad 'Abduh (1849-1905) - Islamic modernism - Islamic reformism - Modernity/Tradition - Cultural interaction/translation. 

Ahmad Nuril Huda

NISIS PhD candidate at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Leiden University. Research Project: Projecting Islam on Screen: The Indonesian Muslims' Negotiations with Modernity. Keywords: Popular culture - Muslim societies - Indonesian Islam - Islamic/Islamicate film - Anthropology of media.

Mehmet Sahin

NISIS PhD candidate at VU University Amsterdam. Research project: The Golden Generation: Islam, Inspiration, Ethical Techniques of Binding within the Gülen Movement. Keywords: Islam - Ethical techniques and self-discipline - Islam in European context - Islam in Turkish and Kurdish context.


NISIS PhD candidate at the School of Humanities, Tilburg University. Research Project: Da'wa Radio: Making Muslim Public Sphere and Religious Authority in Indonesian Islam. Keywords: Da'wa radio - Muslim public sphere - Religious authority - Indonesian Islam.