Thu 8 October 2015 | NWO-project ‘Making Islam work in the Netherlands’ | Seminar Islamic Authority | VU University Amsterdam/Leiden University, NWO

On Thursday 8 October, as part of the NWO project ‘Making Islam work in the Netherlands’, the department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of VU University Amsterdam, in cooperation with Leiden University, organised a seminar on ‘Islamic authority’. It was a one-day, informal seminar mainly to exchange ideas and to learn from colleagues, and to explore the concept of religious authority.

‘Making Islam work in the Netherlands’

A central concept/focus in the research project, which started in November 2013 and February 2014, is religious authority. During this informal seminar the concept of religious authority was explored.

After the introduction of the research project by Thijl Sunier, project leader, and Heleen van der Linden, researcher, keynote lectures were given by Hilary Kalmbach (University of Sussex), Jörn Thielmann (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg/EZIRE), and David Kloos (KITLV/Leiden University). The seminar ended with a plenary discussion chaired by Léon Buskens (Leiden University).

The seminar took place at the Kerkzaal at VU University Amsterdam, 16th floor main building (De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV, Amsterdam.) Time: 10.00 – 16.30 hours.

The keynote speakers provided articles on religious authority in advance. Participants were kindly requested to read these texts before the seminar, if possible. The texts and/or titles were provided after the registration.


10:00-10:45  Opening and introduction research project: what is religious authority?

10:45-11:00  Coffee break

11:00-11:45  Research project Heleen van der Linden

12:00-12:45  Hillary Kalmbach, University of Sussex

12:45-13:45  Lunch

13:45-14:30  Joern Thielmann, University Erlangen/EZIRE

14:30-14:45  coffee break

14:45-15:30  David Kloos, KITLV/Leiden University

15:30-16:30  Plenary discussion (chair Léon Buskens, Leiden University)

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