Thu 31 Oct 2013 | Muslim World-Making research seminar | Muslim Popular Culture: A Question of Politics? | VU University Amsterdam

On Thursday 31 October, the department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of VU University Amsterdam organised a mini-symposium entitled "Muslim Popular Culture: A Question of Politics?". This event was organised within the scope of the Muslim World-Making seminar and is part of the NISIS Training Programme. Time: 15.00-17.00 hours. Venue: Metropolitan Building, Room Z009, VU University Amsterdam.

Muslim popular culture is often perceived as containing messages about ‘proper’ Islam and its ‘proper’ place in the world. This mini-symposium critically examines this assumed connection between Muslim popular culture and politics. How political is Muslim popular culture? Are expressions related to such divergent fields as music, film, food, fashion or lifestyle necessarily tied to a ‘deeper’ politics governing relations of power and patterns of inclusion and exclusion? Should we see Muslim popular culture as the continuation of politics by other means? And if so, what politics, by whom, and to what ends? Or should we be careful, instead, not to unduly put creative artistic expressions, or ‘Muslim life-style’ choices, under the rubric of politics?

The symposium brought together speakers focusing on different parts of the world (from Southeast Asia to Western Europe) to confront these questions, which in the current context of cultural globalization and rapidly evolving technologies become ever more urgent.


Nuril Huda (Leiden University)
Annelies Moors (University of Amsterdam)
Lusvita Nuzuliyanti (Leiden University)
Bregje Termeer (University of Amsterdam)

For more information on the seminar series please visit the Muslim World Making website.

The seminar was part of the NISIS Training Programme. For the course description of this training programme click here.

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