Dr Welmoet Boender

Lecturer Islam at the Leiden Islam Outreach Program (LIOP) of Leiden University.

Current research interests

- Islamic theology at European universities:
- Imams in the Netherlands;
- The societal role of mosques in Europe;
- Dealing with Islam in pastoral care.


Boender, W. “Embedding Islam in the ‘Moral Covenants’ of European States: The Case of a State-Funded Imam Training in the Netherlands”, in: Journal of Muslims in Europe 2 (2013), pp. 227-247.

Boender, W. “Volunteering in Religious Organizations: What Does it Bring to Society? Calculating Social Yield”, in: Lesley Hustinx, Johan von Essen and Jacques Haers (eds.), Religion and Volunteering: Complex and Contested Relationships, Springer Book Series ‘Nonprofit and Civil Society Studies, Paul Dekker and Annette Zimmer, series editors (forthcoming).

Boender, W. “Teaching Integration: Shifting notions of the Place of Religion in the Public Sphere in the Netherlands”, in: Hakan Yilmaz and Çagla E. Aykaç (eds.), Perceptions of Islam in Europe. Culture, Identity and the Muslim ‘Other’, New York: Taurus Academic Studies, 2012, pp.145-158.

Boender, W. Religie en Ontwikkeling, Handreikingen voor de praktijk, Utrecht: Kenniscentrum Religie en Ontwikkeling, March 2011 (with Esther Dwarswaard and Mariske Westendorp)

Boender, W. Imam in Nederland. Opvattingen over zijn religieuze rol in. de samenleving, Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Bert Bakker, 2007 (proefschrift Universiteit Leiden).

Boender, W. “From Migrant to Citizen: The Role Played by the Islamic University Rotterdam in the Formulation of Dutch Citizenship”, in: Gerdien Jonker and Valérie Amiraux (eds.), The Politics of Visibility. Young Muslims in European Public Spaces, Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2006, p. 103-122.

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