Professor Mirjam de Bruijn

Professor of Contemporary History and Anthropology of West and Central Africa at Leiden University.

Currrent research interests

Mirjam de Bruijn is main academic coordinator/head of the research programme: "Connecting in times of duress", a comparative and interdisciplinary programme (Anthropology, Communication studies, History) in which the central question is how the changes in information and communication technology, and today’s social media, influence and (re)shape the politics of everyday in conflict regions in Africa. The programme focuses on Central Africa and West Africa. An important question in the conflicts of these regions is formulated around religious change (Islamisation). Sub projects are situated in Muslim societies (Arab, Tamacheck and Fulani in Mali, Chad and Cameroon). Click here for more information.

Mirjam de Bruijn is also working on a project in which the relation between mobility, ICTs and resources are central (funded by the Volkswagen stiftung).

The role mobile telephony and "easy communication" play in the (re)shaping of the social fabric of mobile societies (migrant, transnational, nomads) has been central question in a research programme that Mirjam de Bruijn is now finalising (end of funding period) but that will be a central research topic also in future research. This project is entitled "Mobile Africa revisited." For more information on this project click here.


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Dissertation, published as book:

Bruijn, M.E. de & Dijk, H. van (1995). Arid Ways: Cultural Understandings of Insecurity in Fulbe Society, Central Mali. Amsterdam: Thela Publishers.

Edited books:

Bruijn, M.E de, I. Brinkman and F. Nyamnjoh (2013) Side@Ways, Marginality and communication in Africa, Cameroon/Leiden: Langaa/ASC.

Bruijn M.E. de and R. van Dijk (eds.) (2012) The social life of connectivity in Africa, Palgrave/Mac Millan.

Bruijn, M.E. de, F. Nyamnjoh and I. Brinkman (eds.) (2009). Mobile phones: the new talking drums of everyday Africa 2010 Bamenda. Cameroon: Langaa Publishers.

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