Dr Jelle Bruning

Lecturer at Leiden University.

Current research topics

- Early history of Islam;
- Social and political history of the Near East (Egypt in particular) between c. 600 and 969 A.D;
- Non-literary (documentary) sources on the history of the medieval Near East, especially written in Arabic, Coptic and Greek.


“The normative practice of the believers: a validity clause in dhikr ḥaqqs from Sufyanid Egypt”, forthcoming in Islamic law and society.

“A reused piece of paper with a personal letter and a list”, in Coptica Argentoratensia: Textes et documents de la troisième université d’été de papyrologie copte (Strasbourg, 18-25 juillet 2010), ed. A. Boud’hors, A. Delattre, C. Louis, T.S. Richter (Paris: Éditions de Boccard), 199-205.

“Yūsuf b. Ibrāhīm b. al-Dāya (3rd/9th c.): a study into his life and works”, Journal of Semitic Studies 57/1 (2012): 97-120.

“The Tuḥfat al-aṭibbāʾ wa-ḏaḫīrat al-aṭibbāʾ, ascribed to Ḥunayn b. Isḥāq, and the ar-Risāla al-Hārūniyya, ascribed to Masīḥ b. al-Ḥakam: two members of one family, Zeitschrift für Geschichte der arabisch-islamischen Wissenschaften 19 (2012): 195-226.

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