Sami Al Daghistani

PhD Candidate in Islamic Studies at Leiden University and WWU Münster, currently graduate exchange at the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University, Montreal.

Sami's PhD project

The PhD project develops the idea of Islam as a historically ambiguous realm which pertains to ethics, as well as to economics, including the study of jurisprudence. Since Islamic economics has been mostly studied through the lens of the plain regulation of ḥarām vs. ḥalāl, the ethical components as well as the notion of social justice in Islam have often been downgraded. The research thus combines the brief examination of Muslim scholarly contributions of the medieval era to the field of economics, e.g. Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Taymiyya, and al-Ghazali, along with the examination of the contemporary development of the concept of social justice as also asserted by Muhammad Baqir Sadr, which will be the gist of the research. The role of social justice in Islam, and the position of Islamic economic theories, which shaped a certain vision of economic conduct, is problematic since discrepancy can be noticed between theoretical composition of Islamic economic theories, and their factual applicability in (Muslim) societies.


Sami Al Daghistani (1986) obtained double major BA in Sociology and Comparative Literature at University of Ljubljana. He spent one semester at Utrecht University (2007-08) and one year at the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo. In 2011, during the uprisings in Egypt, he studied Arabic language in Cairo where he worked as a journalist for Tribuna and Katedra, conducting interviews with Iraqi activist Hana Al Bayati, and the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2012 he passed advance course of Arabic in Rabat. In 2010 he edited a volume on the war in Iraq The Liberation of Iraq and in 2013 another volume on Middle East and Islam. In August 2013 he obtained ResMA in Middle Eastern Studies at Leiden University, specializing in Islamic ethics and economics (thesis: “Imam al-Ghazali's Perspectives on Economy, Ethics and State in Islam”, grade 9,0). Since October 2013 he is a PhD candidate at Leiden and Münster Universities, and in 2014 he will take part in the graduate programme at the Institute of Islamic Studies at McGill University, Montreal. Sami is also co-founder and president of the (post)graduate association of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Hikma at Leiden University (2011-present). He has delivered lectures and presentation on Islamic Studies at the department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, has been cooperating with the Council of Europe, as well as with the Islamic community in Slovenia. In 2014 he has been appointed lecturer for Islamic law and Islamic Ethics at Leiden University. Sami is fluent in Slovenian, Bosnian, English, German, and Bulgarian languages, he has been developing skills in classical Arabic language, and has basic fluency in Dutch and French.

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