Nor Ismah

PhD candidate at Leiden University. Research project: Flourishing Female Ulama: Practises, Authorities and Institutions in Indonesia. Supervisors: Prof.dr. Léon Buskens and Dr. Nico Kaptein.

Flourishing Female Ulama: Practices, Authorities, and Institutions in Indonesia

This PhD research studies, first, the exemplar of female ulama (Muslim clerics) in Indonesia, including the practices, major barriers to becoming an ulama, negotiations, authorities, and the education institutions that provide women with the capacity for development; second, the response of male ulama to female leadership and religious authority and the challenge of religious institutions where the roles of female ulama are restricted; third, the strategies that will allow female ulama to play roles and gain religious authority in formulating Islamic fatwa in Indonesia.

Last Modified: 04-02-2016