NISIS Training Programme 2014-2015 for research master students

NISIS provides research master students the possibility to obtain 10 EC by participating in the NISIS Training Programme.

NISIS Training Programme 2014-2015

Research masters students at the Faculties of Humanities at Universities in the Netherlands have to become a member of one of the national research schools. Students are required to fill 10 EC of their curriculum with courses and activities of one of the national research schools. For this purpose the Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies (NISIS) has created the NISIS training programme.

NISIS provides you the possibility to become better acquainted with research. In the NISIS training programme you participate in regular seasonal schools and lecture series alongside PhD candidates and senior researchers.

The NISIS Training programme 2014-2015 offers:

-  4 EC: Tue 21 - Fri 24 Oct 2014 | NISIS Autumn School 2014 | Theme: The Religious/Secular Divide in the Muslim World | Radboud University Nijmegen
- 4 EC: Mon 23 - Fri 27 Mar 2015 | NISIS Spring School 2015 | Theme: Images, Objects and Collections | Rabat, Morocco
- 1 EC: June 2015 | Islamic Studies Network Day 2015 | Leiden University
- 1 EC per semester: Additional Seminar | Research Seminar Muslim-World Making | VU University Amsterdam
- 1 EC: Additional Courses | LUCIS Autumn Fellow Professor Angeliki Ziaka | Leiden University
- 1 EC: Additional Courses | LUCIS Spring Fellow Professor Hugh Kennedy | Leiden University

If necessary, the NISIS examination and education committee may help you to design a programme in accordance with the specific requirements for your research master programme.

NISIS Autumn School 2014-2015

As evident from the course description, the deadline for application for the NISIS Autumn School has already passed. NISIS is prepared to make an exception for you: research master students in the Humanities. When you submit your application before Wednesday 17 September 2014 we are still able to take your application into consideration. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept proposals for research presentations; however, there are still opportunities to act as a discussant. In order to obtain the 4 EC for this activity, participants must write a research paper. The requirements for this paper can be found in the course description of the NISIS Autumn School 2014.

Those interested in participating NISIS Autumn School are kindly requested to indicate their intent to apply as soon as possible; even when the formal application procedure has not yet been completed.


Please let us know as soon as possible whether you are interested in becoming a member of NISIS. The application form can be found here.

Please send your e-mails to:

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