November 2011: NISIS recognised as a national research school

NISIS has been recognised as a national research school by the Deans of the Faculties of Arts and Humanities (DLG - landelijk overleg van de decanen van de faculteiten Letteren en Geesteswetenschappen).

The Deans of the Faculties of Arts and Humanities (DLG) have reached an agreement (in Dutch) with the national research schools (united in LOGOS, the organisation of national Research Schools) regarding the training of research master’s students and PhD researchers, the division of tasks and the relevant funding. 

NISIS is a multidisciplinary network of Dutch scholars in the field of Islam and Muslim societies. It brings together eight Dutch universities, their faculty, and PhD candidates, and aims at joining various disciplines dealing with Islamic studies: especially from the humanities, social sciences, and legal studies.

Other national research schools that have been recognised by the DLG:

Netherlands Research School for Archaeology 

Huizinga Instuut
Research Institute and Graduate School for Cultural History

Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics

Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis 
Netherlands school for Advanced studies in Theology and Religion 

Netherlands Research School of Women’s Studies

National Research School in Classical Studies, the Netherlands 

Dutch Postgraduate School for Art History 

Netherlands Research School for Literary Studies 

The Netherlands Research School for Practical Philosophy

Research School Medieval Studies

N.W. Posthumus Institute
Research School for Economic and Social History in the Netherlands and Flanders

Last Modified: 28-11-2011