Netherlands Institute in Rabat reopened

On April 21st 2016 the Netherlands Institute in Morocco, NIMAR, was officially re-opened under the auspices of the department of Humanities at Leiden University.

Netherlands Institute in Morocco

The Netherlands Institute in Morocco (NIMAR), which was initially founded by the Radboud University Nijmegen in 2006, functions as a national expertise center of Morocco studies. NIMAR contributes to and facilitates education and research related to languages, cultures, religions and society of Morocco, the Arabic world and West Africa. The institute provides students from different fields of study affiliated with Dutch universities and institutes of higher education, with opportunities to obtain more in-depth knowledge of Moroccan culture, society and languages. Simultaneously with the re-opening of the institute as part of Leiden University, the institute’s website was launched. On the website of NIMAR, the institute's upcoming activities, lectures and educational activities will be announced.

Last Modified: 26-04-2016