Elsevier: good scores for Leiden programmes

According to students, Leiden University has the best bachelor’s programmes in Criminology, Greek and Latin Language and Culture, Clinical Technology and Notarial Law. The Master’s programme in Computer Science was also given the highest score. The findings are from a survey by Dutch magazine Elsevier.

Satisfaction score

Of the Leiden programmes surveyed, 15 were assessed positively and 17 were given an average assessment. The students’ assessment is based on a survey among bachelor’s and master’s students at academic universities and universities of applied sciences. The data are taken from the National Student Survey (NSE). University professors and lecturers, who were also asked for their opinion of the programmes, consider that Leiden University has the best programmes in Law and Maths. Elsevier commented, ‘Where professors praise programmes at other institutions, it generally means that the academic standard is good.’

What does Elsevier write about specific programmes?

  • In first place among the bachelor’s programmes: Criminology, Greek and Latin Language and Culture, and Notarial Law;
  • In first place among the master’s programmes: Computer Science;
  • Students score the lecturers in the bachelor’s programme in Clinical Technology and the master’s programme in Computer Science above average;
  • Other programmes given a positive assessment (in second place in a ranking of five or more comparable programmes): the bachelor’s programme in English Language and Culture, Fiscal Law, History, Art History, Liberal Arts & Sciences and Lingusitics. The same applies to the master’s programme in History.

According to the Elsevier survey, Leiden University is one of the top three comprehensive Dutch Universities in the opinion of both students and lecturers.

Elsevier ‘The Best Studies’

This is Elsevier’s 21st supplement containing a ranking of higher education in the Netherlands. Leiden also achieved positive results in previous rankings. For the 2015 edition Elsevier assessed a total of 1,266 programmes at academic universities, specialist universities and universities of applied sciences.

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