MA History: specialisations

Ancient History

The specialisation in Ancient History focuses on the unification of the Mediterranean World and offers you insights into a crucial period in European and world history. 

Archival Studies

The specialisation in Archival Studies deals with the study of creation and use of records and archives in past and present, with a special focus on archives formed in a colonial context.

Colonial and Global History

The MA track Colonial and Global history focuses on the dynamic interaction between civilizations in world history. The main question that we deal with is in what way worldwide political, economic, cultural and religious contacts have influenced regional processes of identity- and state formation.

Economic History

Research in Economic History at Leiden University focuses on global economic growth and the distribution of income since the fifteenth century. How did some countries manage to achieve affluence during the twentieth century? And how did the standard of living of specific societal groups change over time? Attention in Economic History has gradually shifted from economic growth and the Industrial Revolution to the role of institutions and global networks.

Europaeum programme European History and Civilisation

The Europaeum programme gives students a chance to earn their MA in History while studying in Leiden, Université Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), and the University of Oxford. This unique programme provides the opportunity to experience academic and student life at three leading European education institutions.

Europe 1000-1800

The MA specialisation Europe 1000-1800 focuses on the momentous cultural and political transformations that characterised the period between 1000-1800. The course allows you to specialise in the history of the Low Countries, which in this period was one of Europe’s major commercial, cultural and political hubs. Yet you can also explore the history of other parts of Europe, especially the Habsburg world.

Maritime History

Leiden University is the only university in the Netherlands which offers students a full master programme Maritime History. The specialisation Maritime History covers the history of shipping and trade across the early-modern and modern time until the present in the Netherlands and in other countries with a sea-faring tradition.

Governance of Migration and Diversity

What are the opportunities for the management of migration?  How to incorporate newcomers into host societies? How to prevent discrimination and to promote contact and cohesion in culturally diverse societies? Migration (including refugee migration) is a key issue in current and past political and societal debates.The one-year Master programme in Governance of Migration and Diversity integrates knowledge from various disciplines with a focus on how public and private organisations can respond to the opportunities and challenges offered by migration and diversity. It brings together history, sociology, politics, international development and urbanism as a foundation for a better understanding of the governance of migration and diversity. 

Political Debate

A democratic society is inconceivable without discussion and debate, in parliaments and newspapers, on television, in meetings and on street corners. In this sub-track we investigate the nature of this debate