Proceedings of ConSOLE XVI (2008, Paris)


Sylvia Blaho, Camelia Constantinescu & Bert Le Bruyn (eds.). Proceedings of ConSOLE XVI. Published in 2009. ISSN: 1574-499X.

Table of contents

Bašić, Monika
Two types of prepositions in Serbian and the nature of Spell-out  

Birger, Eugenia
Acquisition of unaccusativity: re-examining the ‘unergative misanalysis hypothesis’ 

Dobler, Eva
'Creating' as putting something into the world

Fălăuş, Anamaria

Positive and negative polarity: a matter of resumption  

Ferme, Alja
The palatal element hides in (some) non-palatals: the case of Mandarin Chinese  

Kluck, Marlies
Intertwined clauses, interacting propositions. A note on the interpretive aspects of sentence amalgamation  

Laks, Lior

Valence changing operations: where does morpho-phonology interfere?  

Li, Xu-Ping
Semantics of pre-classifier adjectives  

Patin, Cédric
When tone prevents vowels from gliding (and when it does not)  

Real Puigdollers, Cristina
The nature of cognate objects. A syntactic approach  

Schenner, Mathias
Semantics of evidentials: German reportative modals  

Sugimura, Mina
Phasehood of DPs. A study of Japanese noun-verb incorporation

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