Proceedings of ConSOLE XIV (2005, Vitoria-Gasteiz)


Sylvia Blaho, Luis Vicente & Erik Schoorlemmer (eds.). Proceedings  of ConSOLE XIV. Published in 2007. ISSN: 1574-499X.

Table of contents

An, Duk-Ho
Asymmetric T-to-C movement in ATB constructions: A PF deletion analysis

Arsenijević, Boban
A unified analysis of two classes of Slavic verb-prefixes

Caratini, Emilie
There is no ambisyllabicity (in German)

Fernández-Salgueiro, Gerardo
Reducing computation at the interface with the Sensory-Motor Systems: a derivational approach to (Chain) linearization 

Gallego, Ángel J.
Connectivity in Markovian dependencies

Gehrke, Berit
On directional readings of locative prepositions

Gehrke, Berit & Nino Grillo
Aspects on Passives

Gengel, Kirsten
Object shift and Pseudogapping in the Scandinavian languages

Remus Gergel
Interpretable features in vP-ellipsis: on the licensing head

MacDonald, Jonathan E.
The Independence of Case and Inner Aspect

Marušič, Franc
On the lack of a (PF) phase in non-finite clausal complements

Mathew, Rosmin
SIMPLy Malayalam Participials

Newton, Glenda
The development of head movement: The rise of verb-initial word order in Old Irish

Zweig, Eytan
Plurality, Implicatures and Events 

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