Proceedings of ConSOLE XIII (2004, Troms√ł)


Sylvia Blaho, Luis Vicente & Erik Schoorlemmer (eds.). Proceedings  of ConSOLE XIII. Published in 2005. ISSN: 1574-499X.

Table of contents

Jakub Dotlańćil
Non-local binding in Slavic languages and restructuring

Jakub Fast
Structurally underspecified semantics for distributive plural predication: respectively constructions in lexical resource semantics

Tomohiro Fujii
Cycle, linearization of chains, and multiple case checking

Scot Fullts
Matching and raising compared

Yukio Furukawa
Why can bare NPs in Japanese have universal readings in certain environments

Nino Grillo
Minimality effects in agrammatic comprehension

Manami Hirayama
Place asymmetry and markedness of labials in Japanese: evidence from loanwords

Janneke Huitink
Analyzing anankastic conditionals and sufficiency modals

Jiro Inaba
Extraposition and the directionality of movement

Zolt√°n Kiss
Graduality and closedness in consonantal phonotactics: a perceptually grounded approach

Sara Mackenzie
Similarity and contrast in consonant harmony systems

Emar Maier
De re and de se in quantified belief reports

Franc MaruŇ°ińć and Rok Zauńćer
On phonologically null verbs: go and beyond

Heather Newell
Bracketing paradoxes and particle verbs: a late adjunction analysis

Jennifer Rose Nycz
The dynamics of Near Merger in accommodation

Leendert Plug
Phonetic reduction and categorization in exemplar-based representation: observations on a Dutch discourse marker

Lisa Rochman
The role of intonation in floating quantifiers

Björn Rothstein
(More) readings of the German present perfect

Martin Salzmann
On an alternative to long A’-movement in German and Dutch

Hiroyuki Uchida
Indefinites: an extra-argument-slot analysis

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