Proceedings of ConSOLE XII (2003, Patras)


Sylvia Blaho, Luis Vicente & Mark de Vos (eds.). Proceedings  of ConSOLE XII. Published in 2004. ISSN: 1574-499X.

Invited speakers

Angela Ralli
Paradigmatic uniformity in dialectal variation

Anna Roussou
Minimalism and "grammaticalisation"

Table of contents

Aniko Csirmaz
Perfective and imperfective aspect in Hungarian: (Invisible) differences

Yukio Furukawa
The Specificity Condition as Crossover

Alexandra Galani
Distributed Morphology and vocabulary organisation

Fragkou Pavlina
A dynamic programming algorithm for the segmentation of Greek texts

György Rákosi
Infinitival clauses as syntactic subjects in Hungarian

Carla Schelfhout, Peter-Arno Coppen & Nelleke Oostdijk
Transparent free relatives

Magdalena Schwager
Negating and Conjoining Imperatives

Bianca Slobbe
Restructuring and the development of the Romance conditional verb forms

Carla Soares
Computational complexity and the acquisition of the CP field in European Portuguese

Barbara Sonnenhauser
Semantics and pragmatics in the derivation of aspectual readings in Russian

Benjamin Spector
Distributivity and specific indefinites

Marina Stoyanova
The typology of multiple wh-questions and language variation

Mario van de Visser
The marked status of ergativity

Evangelia Vlachou
Choose between metaphysical and epistemic alternatives

Michael Wagner
Asymmetries in the syntax and prosody of verb-initial interpolated clauses

Eva Waleschkowski
Morphological decomposability of concatenative and non-concatenative word forms: Evidence from slip experiments

Hedde H. Zeijlstra
Two Ways of Expressing Negation

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