ConSOLE XXIV Proceedings

Proceedings of ConSOLE XXIV (6-8 January 2016, York)


Bellamy, Kate, Elena Karvovskaya and George Saad, ed. 2016. ConSOLE XXIV: Proceedings of the 24th Conference of the Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe (6-8 January 2016, York). Leiden: Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. ISSN: 1574-499X.


Title Page

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Bhadra, Diti

Uttering evidentials without evidence


Meijer, Marlijn

Contextual counterfactuals in Dutch and German and the modal particles ook and auch


Walz, Linda

Categorisation and the negotiation of similarity and difference


Driemel, Imke

The Syntax of Conjunct Extraposition


Doliana, Aaron

Agree and Minimality in the DP


Wambura, Joyce

Gendered discourses in Kuria Female Circumcision Songs


Christopoulos, Christos

Intervention effects in neg-raising


Beshears, Anne Elizabeth

Licensing the correlative construction via the semantics of the demonstrative


Kushnir, Yuriy

The (not so) Inverse Marking in Plains Cree


Ivan, Rudmila-Rodica

Wonder if embedded, know whether semi-question


Williams, Adina

The Syntax of the Mandarin Chinese Adpositional Imperfective


Sugimoto, Yushi

De-phased by external pair-merge of C to T and its consequences


Kobayashi, Ryoichiro and Taihei Asada

Negative concord items in coordinate structure


Munhoz Xavier, Carla C.

Negotiating the action done by mother’s reparative repetitions


Stockwell, Richard

Gerund imperatives


Roig-Marín, Amanda

Examining the linguistic landscape of Alicante (Spain): sociolinguistic and lexical considerations


Taniguchi, Ai

Negative inversion exclamatives and speaker commitment


Mursell, Johannes

Syntactic association with focus an agreement-based approach


Kollamagi, Liis

Language ideologies in the writing of nonstandard varieties: the case of written British Creole


Lu Lu

Different aspectual properties in Mandarin light verb constructions


Lindert, Patrick

Predication under control


Bui, Thuy

Menominee Agreement Two Probes for Two Hierarchies


Huszthy, Bálint

Italian as a voice language without voice assimilation


Storme, Benjamin

The adaptation of French liquids in Haitian

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