ConSOLE XXIII Proceedings

Proceedings of ConSOLE XXIII (7-9 January 2015, Paris)


Bellamy, Kate, Elena Karvovskaya, Martin Kohlberger and George Saad, ed. 2016. ConSOLE XXIII: Proceedings of the 23rd Conference of the Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe (7-9 January 2015, Paris). Leiden: Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. ISSN: 1574-499X.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Alëna Aksënova

A transcategorial negative marker: Evidence from Buryat


Matías Guzmán Naranjo and Joanna Zaleska

Probing the naturalness bias in learning stress: A cross-linguistic study


Emilia Melara

Deixis and embedded tense: Revisiting tense in English and Japanese subordinate clauses


Sampson Korsah

On deriving inherent complement verb constructions


Jelke Bloem

Lexical preferences in Dutch verbal cluster ordering


Edwige Dugas

The semantics of morphological negation: nouns prefixed by non- in French


Janayna Carvalho

A recipe on how to save a derivation. The Locative Impersonal in Brazilian Portuguese


Anne-Laure Besnard

BE able to and the categorization of modal markers in English. A corpus-based study


Jon Ander Mendia

Conveying ignorance. Ignorance inferences with superlative numeral modifiers


Adina Camelia Bleotu

A Phrasal Spell-Out account of denominals in English and Romanian


Lilla Pintér

Preschoolers’ interpretation of the focus particle ‘only’ in Hungarian


Sarah Harchaoui

Lexical innovations in the speech of adolescents in Oslo, Norway: How far can multilingual environments impact on language practices?


Timo Klein

Syntactic Interaction in Resumption


Angela Senis

The contribution of John Rupert Firth to the history of linguistics and the rejection of the phoneme theory


Branimir Stanković

Adjectives at the left periphery as an indication of a DP in Serbo-Croatian


Andrew Murphy

Double Passivization in Turkish: A Structure Removal Approach


Carlos Muñoz Pérez

Three explanatory challenges for Copy Theory


Rebecca Woods

Modelling the syntax-discourse interface. A syntactic analysis of please


Songül Gündoğdu

Noun-Verb Complex Predicates In Kurmanji Kurdish. A syntactic account


Imke Driemel

Exclamatives and Factivity. A new test based on VERUM Focus


Maria-Margarita Makri

Expletive Negation in Attitude Contexts


Siri Gjersøe

Phonological Phrases in Kikuyu


Guillaume Enguehard

Stress as a morphological edge


Ludger Paschen

Boundary tones indicate turn allocation in Russian


Johannes Hein

English participle allomorphy as inflection classes


Laurence Voeltzel

Preaspiration of Singletons in Faroese


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