ConSOLE XXI Proceedings

Proceedings of ConSOLE XXI (8-10 January 2013, Potsdam)


Kohlberger, Martin, Kate Bellamy & Eleanor Dutton, ed. 2014. ConSOLE XXI: Proceedings of the 21st Conference of the Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe (8-10 January 2013, Potsdam). Leiden: Leiden University Centre for Linguistics. ISSN: 1574-499X.

Title page (pdf)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (pdf)

Curt Anderson
Hedging verbs and nouns using alternative semantics

András Bárány
What triggers the Hungarian objective paradigm? A structural and feature-based account

Polina Berezovskaya
Acquisition of Russian comparison constructions: Semantics meets first language acquisition

Aida Cardoso
Contrastive parallelism in European Portuguese: Prosodic features of a cohesion mechanism

Katharina Genske
Negation as a formal flexible feature in children’s grammar: A case study investigating cross-linguistic transfer in a German-English bilingual child

Mátyás Gerőcs & Lilla Pintér
How do Hungarian preschoolers interpret number words?

Peter Herbeck
(Backward) Control and Clitic Climbing: On the Deficiency of Non-finite Domains in Spanish and Catalan

Georg Höhn
Contextually conditioned allomorphy and the Basque locative: Spelling out the Basque extended nominal projection

Annika Huebl
Context shift (im)possible: Indexicals in German Sign Language

Alanah McKillen
Deriving De Re/De Dicto Interpretations in Online Sentence Processing

Marta Ruda
Missing [HUMAN] objects: active and SE morphology investigated

Alexandra Spalek
Calculating scales from change of state verbs and their themes

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