ConSOLE XIX Proceedings

Proceedings of ConSOLE XIX (2011, Groningen)


Enrico Boone, Kathrin Linke & Maartje Schulpen (eds.). Proceedings of ConSOLE XIX. Published in 2012. ISSN: 1574-499X.

Table of contents

Antomo, Mailin
Projective meaning and the licensing of embedded root phenomena

Arylova, Aysa
AnchorP - Argument structure of the Russian be-possessive

Assmann, Anke
Deriving parasitic gaps by fission and fusion

Assmann, Anke; Georgi, Doreen & Weisser, Philipp
A minimalist analysis of possessor advancement - Baker (1988) revisited

Blümel, Andreas
Towards a novel analysis of "was-für"-split

Boef, Eefje
Doubling in Dutch restrictive relative clauses: rethinking the Head External Analysis

Boxell, Oliver
Discourse-linking and long-distance syntactic dependency formation in real-time

Chang, Yiying Ann
Pronominal ordering in Plngawan Atayal

Deichsel, Annika
Indefinite demonstrative "dieser" in German

Döring, Sophia
The focus sensitivity of sentence adverbs

Harwood, Will
There are several positions available: English intermediate subject positions

List, Johann-Mattis
Multiple sequence alignment in historical linguistics. A sound based approach

Ngangoum, Emilienne
Synchronic variation, gradualness, and the Jespersen Cycle

Ott, Dennis
Split topicalization as symmetry-breaking predicate fronting

Spector, Ilona
It's Hebrew clefts that this paper is about

Wolf, Lavi
Epistemic Modality and the Subjective-Objective Distinction

Zimmermann, Eva
Affix copying in Kiranti. An Optimality-theoretic approach

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