The nature of evidentiality

The nature of evidentiality. NWO Research programme (2008-2012); project leaders: Johan Rooryck and Willem Adelaar

Project data

Full title   The nature of evidentiality
Duration      September 2008-September 2012
Nature   NWO Research programme (No. 360-70-320)
Project leaders   Prof. Dr Johan Rooryck, Prof. Dr Willem Adelaar
Project members   Tyler Peterson (Post-doc) 
Martine Bruil (PhD student)
Monica Lău (PhD student)

Project description

This project launches a research program into the theoretical status and the terminological basis of evidentiality systems. Research will be conducted along three complementary axes:

Postdoc project: Unveiling the network of evidentials: Terminology, theory, and typology
An inquiry into the terminological and criterial basis of evidential descriptors, the relationships between evidential categories, sentence types, and other linguistic categories.

PhD project 1: Evidentials in the languages of South America: Semantic diversity, typology and genesis (Martine Bruil)
An inquiry into the semantic distinctions in the domain of evidentiality, the genesis and typology of evidential categories, and the way they relate to other grammatical domains, as attested in the languages of South America.

PhD project 2: Evidentiality in Romance and Germanic: Grammatical possibilities and limits (Monica Lău)
An inquiry into the syntactic and semantic properties and restrictions on the grammatical expression of evidentiality in adverbs, auxiliaries/raising verbs, and parentheticals.

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