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LUCL is affiliated with several external organisations or institutes and maintains friendly relations with a number of others.


LUCL is a participating institute in LOT, the Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics. LUCL is represented on the board of LOT by one of its full professors.
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Algemene Vereniging voor Taalwetenschap (AVT)

The Algemene Vereniging voor Taalwetenschap (AVT) is an association for linguists of all persuasions.

AVT organises the annual TIN-dag ('TIN' being the abbreviation of Taalkunde in Nederland). Selected papers from the TIN-dag appear in the peer-reviewed LIN series (Linguistics in the Netherlands), published by John Benjamins.

AVT also organises the annual Taalgala (in collaboration with Anéla and LOT). During this event, the AVT/Anéla dissertation prize is awarded to the author of the best linguistics dissertation defended at a Dutch university in the preceding year.

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Anéla is the Dutch association for applied linguistics.
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Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe (SOLE)

The Student Organization of Linguistics in Europe (SOLE), founded in 1992 by students of one LUCL's predecessors, organises an annual conference for students of linguistics, ConSOLE.
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