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Academic Integrity

Leiden University strongly endorses the principle of integrity in academic practice. It is essential that society should have confidence in academic research.


Information about funding opportunities, grant writing tips, information about building your career.

External links

LUCL is affiliated with several external organisations or institutes and maintains friendly relations with a number of others.

Guest researchers

The Leiden University Centre for Linguistics welcomes self-funded researchers from outside Leiden University who wish to stay here for some time conducting research.


All researchers have to enter their publications in LUCRIS, as the system is used as a basis for annual reports, visitation committees, etc. Researchers can also use LUCRIS to add publications to the Leiden Repository.


The ROG ( Resultaat- en Ontwikkelingsgesprek , or Performance and Development Interview ) is conducted annually, providing an occasion to evaluate your performance, to make arrangements about future results and to discuss your further development. The assessment takes place on the basis of the agreements made in a previous interview, and on the basis of your job description with performance criteria.