LUCL Events Calendar

In this overview, you will find all LUCL-related events that take place in the coming months. This section will be updated regularly.

If you would like to organize something, a lecture, a symposium or conference, please check whether this date is still 'available', since we try to prevent overlapping events. In order to organize an event, please contact LUCL conference assistant Anne Rose Haverkamp via


22-23   all day              tba                              International Conference on the  Structure of Hungarian
28  12-18 hrs    Eyckhof 3/005 Workshop on Romanian Linguistics
29 16-17 hrs    Lipsius 147 LUCL Colloquium: Asifa Majid


16-17 hrs  Eyckhof 3/005  Friday Afternoon Lecture 
10-12        all day              Lipsius                       RaAM Seminar
12 16-17 hrs  Van Eyckhof 3/005  Friday Afternoon Lecture 
18-20 all day Lipsius Globalising Sociolinguistics
22-24 all day Lipsius 147 Italian Dialect Meeting
25-26 all day University Library Foreign Linguistic and Cultural Policies of the European States (18th-20th century)


8-10  all day  Lipsius 019 IAFPA
8-10  all day  t.b.a. Indo-European Conference
13-24   all day          Lipsius                     Summer School in Languages and Linguistics

Last Modified: 19-05-2015