This month at LUCL

In this overview, you will find all LUCL-related events that take place this month. This section will be updated regularly.

8 all day Symposium: Above and Beyond the Segments
8-12  13:30-15:30hrs  Understanding Questions: Andreas Haida on the semantics of wh-questions 
19 all day Workshop Language and Ideology in Late Modern Times
19 all day Welsh Syntax Workshop
19     15:00hrs     16:00hrs Friday Afternoon Lecture: A functional typology of nominal classification systems
25  16:00hrs  Friday Afternoon Lecture: 'Substrate influence and language shift in Roper Kriol (Australia)' 
26 16:00-17:00hrs LUCL Colloquium: Marianne Gullberg (Lund University)

Last Modified: 15-09-2014