This month at LUCL

In this overview, you will find all LUCL-related events that take place this month. This section will be updated regularly.

15-17  Wijkpl 3/006  Seminar Caterina Donati 
11-13  Wijkpl 3/006  Seminar Caterina Donati 
11-13  Wijkpl 2/002  Seminar Caterina Donati 
12 10-17  Klein Auditorium  Colloquium: The Historicity of the Franconization 
25 15.30-17.00  Lipsius/147  LUCL Colloquium Fenna Poletiek (LU) 
13-15  tba  ComSyn Meeting: Norma Schifano (University of Cambridge) 
12  15-17  tba  ComSyn Meeting: Nigel Duffield (Konan University) 
20  all day  tba TWIST conferentie 
21-25  all day  tba  35th American Indian Workshop
22  13-15  tba  ComSyn Meeting: Linda Badan (CRLAO-CNRS / EHESS-INALCO – Universiteit Leiden) 
23  15.30-17.00  Lipsius/228  LUCL Colloquium Jóhanna Barðdal (Ghent University) 

Last Modified: 09-04-2014