LUCL Events Calendar

In this overview, you will find all LUCL-related events that take place in the coming months. This section will be updated regularly.

If you would like to organize something, a lecture, a symposium or conference, please check whether this date is still 'available', since we try to prevent overlapping events. In order to organize an event, please contact LUCL conference assistant Anne Rose Haverkamp via


02 19-22 Lipsius 228         Linguistic Movie Night: 'Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?'
11 15.30-17 Lipsius 147         LUCL Colloquium - Pim Levelt (MPI Nijmegen)

January 2016

15-16  all day  Lipsius       Workshop 'Ellipsis licensing beyond syntax'
21-22 all day Lipsius 148       Conference on the Effects of Prescriptivism in  
      Language History
25-26 all day Lipsius lab       LUCL labs workshop 2016

February 2016

20 all day Lipsius 148              Workshop on Brasilian Language and Culture
26 16-17 Lipsius 307              LUCL Colloquium


1 16-17 Lipsius 307             LUCL Colloquium
22  16-17 Lipsius 307             LUCL Colloquium


20 16-17 Lipsius 147              LUCL Colloquium

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